As a principle, selects and employs its personnel among new graduated appropriate candidates after modern selection, techniques and methods have been applied.

Improves and trains inexperienced new personnel in scope of the company’s culture, policies and requirements.

Measures and evaluates its employee’s performances in a systematic, objective and fair way.

Defines, categorizes and relatively orders its personnel’s tasks with modern job evaluation methods.

As a principle and by preference, selects and appoints its personnel among “the still working personnel” for the higher level and managerial positions, which require experience.

Acts appropriately with the prearranged plans and standards for the topics of employment, job changes, rotation and promotion, taking care of company’s target and policies.

As a principle, aims to create convenient and encouraging atmosphere; that will make the information flow and share in “two-way” between the managerial levels and the employees.

Values its employee’s ideas, enables suitable environments where the employees can express these ideas and considers obtained data for future plans and policies.