Ultra Indigo

The color indigo is seen as the color of instinct and cognizance. It is a color related to the New Age.

One of the strength of powerful & nobel color indigo is to service to humanity with deep sincerity. Its aim is to protect people’s life to the end.


As the need of peace arises day by day these days, we wanted to emphasize indigo, the color of peace. Therefore, we prepared a denim collection with rigid, comfort & stretch fabrics with different variations of indigo color.


We have a subconcept under Ultra Indigo: Weft Games. Influenced by the color of the season, we wanted our customers to find their favorite spring/summer colors. We used grey mélange, light gray, cinnamon, mélange stones.

Ultra Indigo is a premium product group belongs to Bossa Denim. Rope dyed indigo used as weft yarn. You can see on each product synergy of Indigo-Indigo and Indigo-Grey colors.

A new color has been developed under this concept. Chromablue: A new bluish grey color that presents innovative outputs especially after chlorine bleach treatments.

A special fabric has been created with a nice 2/1 vintage construction with green-cast & red-cast combine.