Cuddle Denim


The Metropolitan concept offers sophisticated and elegant business looks that can easily transition into the evening attire. The collection mainly includes rich patterns and dobbies on dark-coloured bases.

Free Time

The Free Time concept offers a comfortable and stylish look, achieved with cotton and cotton blends with a wide range of designs as well as sophisticated yarns dyed in the bright colours of the season. Fil-a-fil, chambre, jaquard and fil coupe are the highlights of the season with unique colours, and floral and striped patterns. The concept offers a sporty style with soft-washed touches.


A casual line with season’s vibrant colours. With its wide selection of striped and checkered designs, the Urban line has long been a choice of shirtmakers who seek to create unique and exclusive collections.


The collection is a favourite for customers who set themselves apart with the effortless-chic style. This season indigo jacquard designs are effectively merges with yarn dyed and chambrray qualities. Camo, floral designs are our favorites. The color pallete introduces us different shades of blue from navy to birght bule colors down do baby blues.The collection also provides qualities with organic, BCI cotton as well  tencel/ linen blends. Denim comes more elaborate with a focus on decorative looks.

Just In Time

In the current business environment, it has become very important for companies to respond to demand in a just-in-time fashion, especially in our industry. At Bossa Shirting, we are able to meet our customers’ needs as soon as they occur with our JIT (Just in Time) collection which is ready for immediate shipment from our warehouse.

The JIT collection is renewed every two years in order to reflect and consistently meet the customers’ expectations. This season, Bossa Shirting offers the market an even stronger JIT collection. The followers of this collection include high street brands that specialize in boutique production; our customers who make instant capsule collections in order to quickly offer new designs in their stores; and brands who want to offer shirts as an accessory. The collection is so organized as to respond to all needs with 931 variants, 84 qualities, 136 designs, 14 different concepts and 22 themes.

  • Non-iron
  • Self-patterned white fabrics
  • Sateen, extra fine twill weaves
  • Voile, sheer designs
  • Lightweight qualities made with doubled yarn (solid colours)
  • Lightweight qualities made with doubled yarn (yarn-dyed)
  • Micro-textured fabrics
  • Oxford weaves
  • Fine oxford weaves
  • Fabrics with striped, checkered patterns – formal look
  • Fabrics with striped, checkered patterns – Sharp, clean looks
  • Fabrics with striped, checkered patterns – Classic designs
  • Twill and piqué-weaved  fabrics
  • Stretch fabrics (cotton/polyamide) – solid colours
  • Stretch fabrics (cotton/polyamide) – patterned qualities
  • Stretch fabrics (cotton)
  • Multi-colours
  • Jacquard weaves
  • Dark colours
  • Indigo-look qualities
  • Qualities that contain indigo dye
  • Pigment-dyed qualities

Blue Line

Blue is the most preferred colour in business life and style. The colour blue is a colour of trust, sincerity, and independence; and thus it helps in building rapport with those around us. The Blue Line concept offers a wide selection of premium shirting fabrics with blue patterns, which convey both discretion and tolerance together.