Since the dawn of time we have looked to the night sky  in awe. The dark heavens above  us, 
pin-pricked by stars and celestial bodies, are a constant mystery and inspiration. We  have 
feared it, worshipped it, in humankind’s greatest age explored it — and now, we wear it. 
When The Night Comes  offers starlight bright glitter coatings against the backdrop of night 
sky colours, bringing the heavens a little closer to earth.
The collection features:

  • Coated fabrics in deep dark blue and red 
  • Over dyed denims in our signature colorways of truebluer and blue black 
  • Non-fade, intense black
  • Glitter coatings, luxe touch
  • Clean, flat surfaces
  • True blue and blue/black hues
  • Black overdyes
  • Four way stretch
  • High power Stretch
  • Comfort Stretch