Complaint Management Procedure

1. AIM :

The purpose of this procedure is to explain the system which will be used in evaluating and finalizing the customer complaints and to define activities that are maintained for contuniously improvement effectiveness of this process in BOSSA T.A.Ş.


This procedure explains the management activities of internal processes using the identification, gathering and analysis of data obtained from customer complaints starting from production design and up to after sales service in BOSSA T.A.Ş.


Complaint: It is an expression of dissatisfaction about products&services or complaints handling process provided by BOSSA T.A.Ş.

Feedback: Opinions, comments and expressions of interest in the products or the complaints-handling process.

Complianant: Person, organization or its representative, making a complaint.

QDMS: Integrated “Quality Documents Management System” used in BOSSA T.A.Ş.

CAT (Complaint Analysis Team): The team which is analysing the complaints, informing its observations to production units and initiating the studies to find out solutions, reporting the results to all interested units including the customer representatives. Customer Relations Chief is the core group members.

CR : Customer representative.


4.1. Quality manual.

4.2. Process definitions and flowcharts.

4.3. Corrective and preventive actions procedure.


In BOSSA T.A.Ş., complaints handling and evaluating process is free of charge to the complainant. It can be demanded that customer will pay charges which will appear after the resolutions of the complaints as a consequence of the act that has been done between the complinant and BOSSA T.A.Ş. Moreover, BOSSA T.A.Ş. commits the subjects below in the process of complaints handling.

5.1. The complaint management procedure is accessible by customers and interested parties.

5.2. Complaint handling process is unprejudiced and equitable.

5.3.Confidantiality is essential. All informations about complinants are confidential.


6.1. Top management:

  • identifying and allocating of the management resources needed for an effective&efficient complaints handling process.
  • periodically reviewing of the complaints handling process to ensure that it is effectively and efficently maintained.
  • defining and publishing a policy which includes commitments.
  • ensuring the process objectives are established within BOSSA T.A.Ş.

6.2. Complaints handling management representative:

  • defining, applying and maintaining the complaints handling process and procedures.
  • researching and measuring customer satisfaction, analysing the results, defining improvement scopes and planning actions to provide customer satisfaction.
  • providing information about customer satisfaction to departments.
  • providing the recruitment and training of appropriate personnel who will take responsibility in the complaints handling process.
  • reporting performance of complaints handling process to the top management by periodical management reviews.
  • defining performance criterias about customer satisfaction on the basis of processes, monitoring the objectives and reporting the developments to the top management.

6.3. CAT:

  • to improve customer satisfaction with the purpose of providng preferable service, performing customer visits, to study and to evaluate production standards for the complaints resolution.
  • to improve customer satisfaction, to take corrective actions, to monitor customer complaints and demands, and to perform statistical analysis on them.
  • to provide technical service advisory to develop customer requirements.

6.4. Customer representatives :

  • receiving complaints and feedbacks, and recording them with details into QDMS.
  • visiting to complinant with CAT.
  • informing the complainant upon request, about up-to-date status for each phase of complaints handling process.
  • negotiating with customer to finalize the complaint when the studies are completed.

6.5. All department managers:

  • analysing and evaluating the part of complaint which is related with its own department, finding solutions, informing the CAT about these solutions and taking actions to avoid recurring of the same noncomfirmities.
  • ensuring that information about complaints handling process is easily accessible.
  • ensuring the promotion of awareness about customer focus approach.


BOSSA T.A.Ş. handles the complaints within the framework mentioned below, observes, measures and provides the continuously improvement by using information which is provided from evaluation results.

7.1. Communication:

BOSSA T.A.Ş. describes the ways of making accessible to the forms, procedures, complaints handling related researches by this procedure. The ways of communication are:

  • internet site.
  • Customer representatives.
  • CAT.

The complaint management procedure and polls have been documented in both English and Turkish. Actuality is under control by QDMS, which is used in the quality management system. These documents are accessible in web page mentioned above, it is also accessible from customer representatives and/or CAT in the form of e-mail or fax. Besides, they are responsible to provide up-to-date of these documents and forms which are sent to complinants and customers. The complainant is informed upon request at the regular intervals from initial receipt through the entire process until the complainant is satisfied or final decision is made.

7.2. Receipt of complaint:

In BOSSA T.A.Ş., complaints are received by customer representative (email, fax, phone). Customer representative records the complaints into the customer complaints module of QDMS. QDMS saves each complaint with a unique identification code. Record details are compromised as below:

  1. Date of complaint.
  2. The person who reported the complaint.
  3. The name of company.(customer)
  4. Product, service, personnel or other activities which became the matter of complaint.
  5. Amount of shipping and date which became the matter of complaint.
  6. Clear description and the required information about complaint.
  7. The correction request by customer.
  8. The issued date of development report to be planned.

The complaints in below cases have high priority:

  • The problems which stops the complainant’s manufacturing and/or servicing.
  • Delivery problems.
  • Quality problems which causes loss of production and productivity.
  • The recurring problems about same product and/or service.

7.3. Initial assessment of complaint

CAT assesses the complaint to make the CR complete insufficient information. In this phase, the complainant is informed by CR that the complaint is taken to consideration. If it is necessary, CR and CAT comminicate with complainant to have more detailed information and sample. The conversation may be by phone, email or face to face. CR records the latest information into QDMS. CAT arranges the priority of the complaints according to its importance and determines the team and team leader related with the problem and then issues the complaint.

After the first assessment of complaint, (if available) the quick solution advices are presented to complainants. If the solution advice is accepted by customer, CAT records the developing and result reports into QDMS and CR closes the complaint.

7.4. Investigation of complaint

If a quick solution is not found, a visit may be necessary to investigate in place of complainant. CAT sends its evidence and samples to related units to analyse. Each test and evaluation results are recorded into QDMS.

CAT informs CR according to the result of investigation. After this point, all processes are carried out by CRs.

7.5. The making decision and closing complaint.

If the complainant is found justified in its complaint, the grievance is compensated according to the agreement which is accepted by complainant. If not, this case is informed to the complainant by advising alternative solutions if required.

In this phase, CAT decides if CPA(corrective and preventive actions)are necessary or not. If it is necessary, CAT determines the team within QDMS and starts the activity. CPA is not started for every complaint. Especially, CPA is started and followed for the chronical problems and problems which has high potential to recur.

CAT prepares and publishes the result report related to the complaint in QDMS unless waiting result of CPA.

CR closes the complaint and records with claims refund, discount, cancel, reprocess, change etc. into QDMS at the end of the negotiation with complainant.

7.6. Reportings.

CAT prepares 3-monthly reports related to the complaints. Arranges meetings related to the complaints and reports with the previous quarter performances. CAT also prepares the annual assessment report to be presented in management reviews.


There are performance parameters and targets in BOSSA T.A.Ş. for the complaints handling process. This process is “4.80400 Customer technical services process” documented and maintained.

The performance criterias, determined within the frame of complaints handling process, are periodically reviewed in management review meetings and the objectives are revised within the continuously improvement loop.


BOSSA T.A.Ş. researches to determine the level of customer’s satisfaction by the surveys. “The evaluation form of customer satisfaction”(EFCS) is sent to the customers once a year and the responses are evaluated by CAT. The CPA is started by CAT in the case of answered as “sometimes, rarely and never” in EFCS to take necessary actions. The results and evaluation of surveys and taken actions are periodically in management review meetings. The responses which are given to question in EFCS ” Would you please indicate your level of satisfaction regarding BOSSA Services?” are considered as the level of complainant’s overall satisfaction.


Each complaint related records are kept for one year. The safety of records in QDMS is assured by backup procedures of IT department.