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Bossa denim launched its first Re-Set collection in 2006. The usage of organic cotton and natural dyestuff till 2006 has been taken to another level with the launch of this collection. Every year a valuable addition has been made to it. Today, Bossa offers a wide range of products with fibers:

  • Organic cotton
  • Natural fibers (i.e. linen, hemp, wool)
  • Natural cellulosic fibers (tencel)
  • Recycled cotton, Recycled PET
  • BCI cotton
  • Cotton made in Africa
  • GMO-free Turkish Cotton

And with different specifications:

  • Power stretch recycled fabrics
  • Over-Dyed recycled fabrics
  • Selvedge recycled fabrics

setting itself apart from the crowd in this concept.

In addition to its unique offerings, Bossa uses a specific classification to emphasize different levels of environmental friendliness of the fibers used in the composition. This classification is developed by a European organization, called Made By, which aims to improve environmetal and social conditions in fashion industry. 20 fibers are scored based on the following 6 criteria and are classified in groups:

  • Green house gas emissions,
  • the level of human toxicity and
  • the level of eco-toxicity involved in the fibre production
  • the total energy and water input needed
  • the land use required in the fibre production

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REEMAIN is a European funded project. As a partner Bossa plays an important role in this project. It aims resource and energy efficient manufacturing. Using extensive knowledge from production processes, energy simulation, resource planning and energy storage, the project will provide:

  • Innovation in technologies for enhanced use of renewable energy and energy storage – enabling a seamless integration in factory processes.
  • Predictive simulation models for production so as to optimise efforts, ensuring minimum demand of energy and resources, and developing more efficient production techniques.
  • Planning tools for managing factory energy and resources providing complete and customisable information on energy flows, carbon footprint, and how these relate to production processes, plant scheduling and sourcing options.

These solutions will be trialled and validated at the Fraunhofer IWU ”Research Factory” before being demonstrated in Bossa Denim.

REEMAIN will link into existing standards and eco-factory labelling concepts and propose new standardisation activities in the framework of  CEN workshops, technical committees and standards.

Within this framework, REEMAIN moves toward zero carbon manufacturing and Energy Efficiency 2.0 through the intelligent employment of renewable energy technologies and resource saving strategies that consider energy purchase, generation, conversion, distribution, utilization, control, storage, re-use in a holistic and integrated way.

BOSSA plays a leadership role in sustainable production. In this respect, this project aims to produce 100% Recycled Product Platform, using r-PET and recycled cotton fibers.

But this process causes to shorten the length of fiber, deteriorating the fiber specifications. Therefore, low staple length yarns are obtained from recycled fibers. Nowadays, the longest life and predictable quality recycle fibers are the cotton fibers which are produced from row wastes. Another recycled fiber with predictable quality is obtained from the PET flake after the process of breaking, washing, drying of the waste of PET bottles. r-PET fibers are produced with the method of melt blown spinning.

Nowadays, recycled PET flakes are produced as a secondary textile material such as carpet backing, flea bag, pillow, isolation material, reinforcement material etc.

PET polymer’s LCA will be longer if it can be used in ready to wear as a final product in fashion industry. Renown denim brands used this fiber as an input in the fabric production.

However, this project takes this concept a step forward. Bossa will produce a 100% recycled fabric with r-Pet fibers that has been gained via recycling plastic bottles as a primary raw material in ready-to-wear market and increase the public awareness to the environment. None of the textile companies in the world is close to this achievement yet. BOSSA proudly continues to launch new sustainable products to denim market.

This is another step towards a whole new system in recycled denim production for Bossa.

E-den is a state-of-the art site dedicated exclusively to recycled yarn spinning. Waste from our production is collected and recycled into fiber through cutting, shredding and carding. This process represents an economic and environmental saving of valuable fiber that would otherwise be lost to the landfill.

Recycled fiber is the major input for our E-Den spinning mill. Here, the whole process is designed to better spin the recycled fiber and re-engineer it into a high quality, value-added yarn.

In addition;

  • Recycled fiber has its own indigo blue shade since most of the wastes are indigo dyed yarns or fabric scraps. These natural blue color comes out as a deeper shade after rope-dyeing.
  • Yarn spun from recycled fiber has its won natural slubby effect which gives a unique dimension to denim fabric by itself.

We live as we believe and keep on investing in Sustainability for a better future…