Better Cotton, because the world deserves Better

Cotton is arguably the world’s most important natural fibre.
It’s used in food, bedding, medical supplies and, of course, cotton is a staple of the clothing industry. It’s a renewable resource….but only if we manage our resources responsibly.
Damaging crop protection practices, inefficient water usage, diminishing soil fertility and workforce conditions such as child or forced labour, all pose threats to the sustainability of the cotton industry and the livelihoods of the farming communities that depend on this valuable crop.
In 2005, a collective of major organisations from around the world came together to figure out what could be done. Because something had to be done. “There has to be a better way,” they said.It turns out there was. And is.

It’s called Better Cotton.

Reaching beyond its yearly goal, Bossa is aiming to make Better Cotton 35% of its total cotton consumption this year. In 2017, the target is 60%. By 2018, Bossa has set a bold target and aims to make Better Cotton 90% of its cotton consumption, while the remaining 10% will be organic cotton. Bossa is committed to improving cotton farming practices globally with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) - Since 2011
BCI has defined what a more sustainable way of growing cotton is through its global standard, the Better Cotton Standard System. The Standard incorporates six key principles that provide a global definition of Better Cotton:

  1. Better Cotton is produced by farmers who minimise the harmful impact of crop protection practices.
  2. Better Cotton is produced by farmers who use water efficiently and care for the availability of water.
  3. Better Cotton is produced by farmers who care for the health of the soil.
  4. Better Cotton is produced by farmers who conserve natural habitats.
  5. Better Cotton is produced by farmers who care for and preserve the quality of the fibre.
  6. Better Cotton is produced by farmers who promote decent work

The first Better Cotton harvest was in 2010 and 2011, and took place in Brazil, India, Mali and Pakistan. In China and Turkey, the first harvests took place during the 2012 and 2013 seasons. Better Cotton is currently available from 21 countries on five continents, and BCI is continuously exploring opportunities to increase the number of Better Cotton farmers worldwide.